ECIC will be the nation’s first coastal corridor. It stands out in comparison with other proposed national corridors as it hosts several ports along the east coast that serve not only as international gateways but more importantly as critical links in supply chain. In the latter role, ports are a source of value creation for firms that provide services – ranging from logistics to packaging – to production clusters and distribution centers, and play a significant role in economic development. Vizag Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC) has been identified as first phase of ECIC.

The Conceptual Development Plan (CDP) of VCIC has identified industries which have the potential in driving future growth in the corridor region, and distinguished 4 geographic nodes that could accelerate industrial development with the support of a multi-modal transport network and other key infrastructure systems.

The Regional Perspective Plan (RPP) provided a unified perspective on land requirement, industrial output, urban development, infrastructure development, and policy interventions to improve the industrial environment in the corridor. For this, detailed demand & supply analysis was undertaken to establish infrastructure requirements over the period of 30 years.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has prepared the Concept Development Plan (CDP) and 4 priority nodes have been identified by the State of Andhra Pradesh for development.

State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has requested Govt. of India for inclusion of VCIC under the gambit of NICDIT Framework and the same was approved for development of prioritized nodes as mentioned below:

  • Koparthy Industrial Area, Andhra Pradesh (Area 2595 acre under NICDIT)
  • Vishakhapatnam Industrial Area, Andhra Pradesh (3198 acre under NICDI) (Development activity by State Govt.)
  • Chitoor Industrial Area, Andhra Pradesh (8,967 acres)

VCIC Executive Summary Report.