15 September 2014

Magicbricks Ahmedabad

Dholera: An industrial hub

All set to emerge as a catalyst for growth, Dholera has unlimited potential for development that is yet to be tapped. Dholera is all set to be the catalyst for Gujarat's growth, having the potential to attract a wide range of industry with strength in the electronics and high tech industries, pharmaceuticals and heavy engineering. Dholera is located on a greenfield site about 100 km south of Ahmedabad. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMICP), a joint Indian and Japanese Government initiative to create a linear zone of industrial development, passes from near this area.

With 22 villages of Ahmedabad district, it is the largest of the nodes proposed so far in the DMICP influence region. The site is situated between the main industrial centres of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. Linked to the major ports of Gujarat by state highways, the nearest international airport is at Ahmedabad. Adoption of a sustainable approach across key components, overall urban development and resource efficiency form the comer stones of the plan.

A wide range of housing types will be developed in the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) to meet anticipated population numbers. All residential areas will have mixed income groups and housing will be developed with a comprehensive range of community facilities including schools, medical facilities, retail and open space. There are also plans to create a Dholera Village Welfare Society to function as a village assistance cell to ensure that the benefits of the development trickle down at the village level.

Villages will be provided with improved infrastructure and services and their inhabitants provided with training programmes and support to enable them to participate fully to the employment. Dholera seems all set to be a catalyst for the growth of Gujarat, having the potential to attract a wide range of industry with particular strength in the electronics and hi-tech industries and general manufacturing sectors. Tourism is likely to play a key role in the economy of the DSIR.